Kunstverein Feuerwehrhaus Kemlitz

09/23 – 23/10/22

23./24.09. and 22.10.2023, 3-6 p.m.
Visit by arrangement: Tel. 033 704 67733 or 0152 29 219 080


Since 2022, the Kunstverein Feuerwehrhaus Kemlitz has been presenting exhibitions accompanied by concerts and readings. At the heart of these activities is the old fire station of the volunteer fire brigade belonging to Kunsthof Seltmann in Baruth-Kemlitz, a village of 70 inhabitants in Brandenburg, 60 km south of Berlin on the fringes of the Lower Fläming. The building is located in the centre of the village right by the village pond opposite the church. The sober functional building from the 1970s, with its adjacent tower – originally intended for drying fire hoses – has an almost ecclesiastical appearance reminiscent of the makeshift churches of the post-war period. The bright opening of the “White Cube”, which incorporates the village environment with its social features, is essential for the character of the place, which is used in the brighter months from April to October. Spatially separated from the fire station is the old dance hall in the art courtyard where events are held. As the association’s heraldic animal, the wolf symbolises the questioning of the coexistence of man and nature.

© Florian Merkel, Kunstverein Feuerwehrhaus Kemlitz e. V.

PIG CONSCIOUSNESS vagabond #01 The Sprengel Museum Hanover is a guest at the Kemlitz Fire Station Art Association Max Baumann - Frank Berger - Felix Bielmeier - Pierre Bismuth - Anetta Mona Chişa & Lucia Tkáčová - Anna Haifisch & Anja Koch - Jochen Lempert - Arne Schmitt - Wenke Seemann - Maria Sewcz - Heidi Specker & artist friends - Andrzej Steinbach - Maria Sturm – Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries What do we learn about ourselves and our relationship to the world around us when we reflect on our relationship with pigs? How do we influence the lives of others with our everyday actions? What consequences does this have for us? Who makes money from it? Who decides about that? 15 artists were asked to address such questions using pigs as their starting point. On around 600 square meters, an exhibition in the Sprengel Museum Hanover until November 5th, 2023 shows the majority of works developed specifically for SWINE CONSCIOUSNESS. Now PIG CONSCIOUSNESS is roaming in rural areas. The Kemlitz/Baruth Fire Department Art Association is the first stop. Site-specific forms of presentation of almost all of the works shown in Hanover are being developed for the fire station located at the village pond, its tower and the neighboring former dance hall of the town, now part of the Kunsthof Seltmann. Curated by Inka Schube Funded by the Lower Saxony Foundation, the Lower Saxony Sparkasse Foundation, the Sparkasse Hannover, the VHV Foundation and the NORD/LB Cultural Foundation. In cooperation with the Life & Environment Foundation/Heinrich Böll Foundation Lower Saxony. We would like to thank everyone very much for this special form of cooperation. Thanks in particular go to the Kunsthof Seltmann, the art association Fire Station Kemlitz/Baruth e. V. and its partners, the City of Baruth Foundation, the EWE/Stiftung and the Mittelbrandenburgische Sparkasse. Opening September 23, 11 p.m., 3-6 p.m. Performing on: Hinrich Beermann, saxophone. Visit by appointment on Tel. 033 704 67733 or 0152 29 219 080 Finissage October 22nd 11 p.m., 3-6 p.m.



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