Gemeinde Gladau und Tenne Schloss Dretzel

04/30 – 24/05/01

The localities of Gladau and Dretzel are situated in Saxony-Anhalt in the Jerichower Land district. They border on the Fiener Bruch, an extensive lowland, much of which is bog. In the immediate vicinity of this bird sanctuary is a central location of LFD-Holding. According to its own statements, it is the German market leader in pig fattening and piglet rearing and belongs to Terra Grundwerte Aktiengesellschaft, which is based in Switzerland. This facility evolved out of ZBE Mast Gladau, which was built in 1971/72. At that time, it was the first factory farm for the industrial production of pork in East Germany and set the standard for the rest of the country. Later, more than 80,000 animals were kept here. Today, there are about 36,000. Extending it to include a biogas plant is under discussion.

PIG CONSCIOUSNESS will be on the move to Gladau and Dretzel for a few days in 2024. The Gladau community centre, rooms belonging to Dretzel Palace and other locations will serve as venues.

© anonym, Landkarte vermutlich um 1980, Archiv Kreismuseum des Jerichower Land, Genthin


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