Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop

06/08 – 24/09/02

The Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop is located in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania on the Darss peninsula. It is the event forum for the Künstlerhaus Lukas. Contemporary art is shown and discourses communicated in exhibitions, festivals, symposia, readings, concerts, film screenings, performances and workshops. International cooperation with institutions in the Baltic Sea region and a programme at the interface of art and environmental issues form a focal point of the work at the Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop, making it a laboratory for contemporary art and a place of discovery, inspiration and communication.

The Baltic Sea and the Bodden are heavily polluted by excessive inputs of nutrients from rivers. Factory farming and the over-fertilisation of the soil are major contributors to this. Profits from the meat industry also contribute greatly to the transformation of traditional urban structures. All of this is reason enough to question PIG CONSCIOUSNESS at the Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop.

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