Kuesti F, I KILLED THE PIG, Description of a slaughter, 2015

I killed the pig

now it is not Gussy anymore

it is just the pig,


from now on it only will be called „the pig“.

I pulled it up here at the tree

because i am alone

and here it can bleed out better,

more or less,

it already did bleed out completely.


I killed it with a cut of the throat

actually i used a hammer

and cutted its throat.

it is just to heavy

to pull it up with the ropes,

maybe i will manage this later,

a heaver would be good for this to do.


Here i prepare the hay,

where i will put the pig on,

to burn it,

or rather

to get off of its skin,

or let´s say

to burn off the coat.


My dog is very interested in the blood.

i did not let out the chicken,

i also didn’t let out the horse.

the other pig is still in the stall,

where they have their food inside.


Over there is the hammer

which i used to struck on the pig’s head,

and here are the things

the knifes and other things

for the slaughter

which i will use for the portioning.


a little bit of the blood i was able to collect

but it came out in waves

a lot

so i couldn´t catch all of it.


there is the knife.

yes -

in the end the pig suffered less

than i was thinking it would.

it happened very fast.

i have to say

I’m pretty satisfied with myself.

now it´s important

to portion it correctly.

to get off all of the hair of the pig,

the kemp,

i put it on the fire.

a fire made with straw

and there it will be burned

and rubbed

and burned furtherly,

till all of the hair is off the pig.

i will turn it later

yes, that´s how it is

that´s how the slaughter goes on.

so, i after I manage it

to burn the pig here,

more or less

scraping off the most of the skin,

on some parts

i hurt it a lot.

that means

i have to look now how to use or eat

these parts.

apart from that

i burned it quite well,

and hung it up at the tree.

there i can disembowel

and divide it.

there is the bowl for the entrails

and the other things.

i will bring it inside later,

and split the pig.

this all is lot of fun

and yes,

it’s a hell of a work.

from now on

i am a pigkiller,

a damn good pigkiller.

while disembowling the pig,

as you can see,

all of the entrails are gone.

there is only meat left.

i cut off the head,

cut around

and trimmed it off,

and here is the head,

as you can see.

It’s Gussy

from behind,

this is like good old Gus is looking now.

i hope that i can organize it

between all the entrails

the heart is very beautiful

it´s a very healthy nice heart

i also feel good right now,

my first pig is portioned completely

i only have to split these two halves

then i will have hanging the two parts

to work on it more.

yes that´s how it goes.

My dog got the bowel

on which he is crazy about

as you can see he is going crazy with the bowel

and he doesn´t let the other dog getting something out of it.

They are waiting for the good parts,

the horse is still inside,

the other pig also,

the chicken are inside also,

we all are hardworking.

with such a pig you have a beastly work -

or with such a beast you have a piggy work.

i don´t know if it told you,

i cutted the pig into two halves,

then i splitted it,

put off the fat

all into the tub.

i have to bring it all inside the house

sorting it out

boil down the fat,


separate the meat off the fat,

sort it into unique parts,

it is a hell of a work.

in the meantime i let out the chicken.

they ate the fodder which used for luring the pig.

that´s good for them also.

The dog is playing with all of the dunghill

and with the entrails,

there he has a piece of the bowel

that he is bringing anywhere,

i am pretty exhausted

i will buy me something to drink

may be a coke

would be good for me right now,

then i will continue to work,

my back is hurting

it´s straining to portion a damn pig.


we have

chez moi

cuisine de moi

today we have

delicious brain

the brain of Gus

a half of Gussy´s brain,

with roast onion in egg

and bread

and delicious pickled mushrooms.


i´m just hoping the brain is well-done completely.


i will come back

i will just turn the liver.